EDX – Topic 1: Public Engagement – Reflection

In summary to all the fancy terms and intellectual writing, Dr. Bonnie’s article is basically a plea for help to escaping the structure that the worldwide web has turned into. Researching the intersections of knowledge, technology, and identity within educational programming and policy, Bonnie shares her views on the adaptation of the internet into an attention controlled paradigm. She explains how the created social web structure have diminished local and global literacies needed to foster functional democratic participation.

It’s true though, the internet now through all social media exposes us to bullshit and nothing more. We are fed with falsified information constantly, conditioned to following the trend, and appreciated by certain phoney behaviour. Dr. Bonnie elaborates that the structures built through, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, and who knows what else, are all based on the attention factor. People are now more interested in creating online fantasies and identities rather than engaging in productive activity. As for every good intentioned invention, the tables have turned yet again.

Bonnie elaborates on a solution presented between the 1920s -1940s, Antigonish 2.0 as she explains it’s revolutionary potential. The movement’s founded on two targets:

  1. Reframing people’s understanding of the structures shaping their lives and prospects, and,
  2. Exerting collective action within and on those structures.

The movements idealized product would be creative an active participating citizen capable of differentiating between facts and falsified data. However, I believe that the era of the dark internet we are in is only about to start…


  • Go watch BLACK MIRROR season 3, ep1 (Nosedive) to understand where I’m going to.




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