EDX – Topic 2: Understanding Polarization – Reflection


As a result of inferiority and superiority complexes emphasized by Alfred Adler, polarization has been present alongside human existence. Whether those differences are of class, gender, nationality, identity, race or some other custom, the forms of segregation have been known throughout time. However, Chris argues that with the adaptation of technological standards the realms of polarization have also changed. As Polarization keys engagement, and engagement/attention are what keep us on platforms, and the more time we spend on web platforms more information is extracted and profit is maximized.

Have you ever thought about how much information you are revealing about yourself online? With all these platforms; Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, snapchat, etc, they all aim to extract the information we are inputting as a means of research and experimentation. Following every new update, tech platforms aim to expand their knowledge on their users. We are fed the lies of democratization, freedom of speech, and privacy while political agendas and propaganda are in use. We might not realize them but that doesn’t mean they don’t exist, Facebook’s decision to privilege the appearance of news organizations in the News feed based on how users rank the organizations is just the latest example of this ruse.

We are all exposed to a hierarchical system that supports whiteness and polarization. For instance, an Egyptian girl named Mariam Moustafa was recently attacked in Nottingham by ten British Islamophobes that resulted in her death and we didn’t hear or see any governmental officials or even social media activists give any concern to her tragic death. However, if it was a British girl who was attacked to death in Egypt, the case would have differed…

Mariam is only a mere example of the plenty of victims of those platforms and the hierarchal structures created to maintain those systems. The only visible way to attain your rights seems to be through authority/power and money, and if you don’t have those army of bots and sock puppets to amplify your message, then I’m guessing you’re out of luck. “Digital Polarization is the technological mask for the age-old scheme of atomizing populations while making sure the powerful stay on top”.




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