Game Idea


The game I’ve created is a series of life decisions of which raise awareness about the dangers of drugs during an individual’s teenage years, basically targeting high school and university students.

The objective of the game is to test individual’s mind-sets and weaknesses when it comes to exploring new fields of danger, while educating them of the harms of different kinds of drugs.

As we all know during our college years the majority of students are exposed to all kinds of different drugs. Curiosity and peer pressure might sometimes lead a person into the drugs maze, and trust me I’ve seen a lot of my friends falling victims and denying their lost within the maze. Through a series of questions a nineteen year old individual is tested with temptations over the course of his summer vacation on whether he has the guts and courage to acknowledge the dangers of bad-decisions when he’s faced by them.

The series of questions are close ended questions with only two choices that lead to different scenarios. You are responsible for the decisions you take throughout the course of your summer break, consequences for your actions are only fair.

After each question a statistical or psychological fact pops up, which raise awareness to the user depending on which situation he is in. It’s only ten questions with different paths to each answer and the objective is to not only survive within the ten weeks period, enjoying your summer break is another goal for the game.


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