Soliya Reflection

I registered for the Soliya exchange program during my Digital literacies course, which basically combines different individual from all parts of the world whom seek intercultural learning in a video chat. The course is four weeks long with only a session of two hours a week, which you eventually get bored of. The purpose that the program serves is by far excellent, however the technicality of the program shows some deficiencies. For starters I think the weekly two hour duration should’ve been distributed on two days a week instead of one, which would’ve helped with acknowledging my group peers faster and sharing insight and ideas on a faster scale, alongside not boring out of the session itself. Another problem would be the internet connection and the alternatives that an individual had in participating. I felt that the first two sessions were kindergarten classes, we were introducing ourselves on a very slow rate with minor insight and discussing very tedious topics such as our ‘favourite foods’. On the brighter side, the last two sessions were more interesting and witnessed more interaction between our group members. I was very fond of my group and their respect for different cultures and identities, I even made a couple of friends as a result of the program. I love the program’s diversity and the fact that it gets people closer to each other in an accepting and open-minded manner. I’ve found more similarities than differences with my peers and that’s exactly what I was aiming for. As a citizen of planet earth, I completely support the idea of the Soliya exchange program and hope to commonly find more online and offline courses with the same initiative and objective. Peace out!

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