DS106 – Visual Assignment (You’re favorite photo)

I’m not a really big fan of taking pictures, however this picture has a special place in my heart. The photo was taken in the Philippines on Pico Osmena which has an amazing overview to the island of Cebu. Other than the unforgettable view, this picture reminds me of a unique battle i fought with myself. On the third day of my adventure to the Philippines islands I had a catastrophic motorcycle accident, in summary I was racing with a friend down a mountain in Palawan, El nido and ended up patching my body at a local’s house. For the first time in my life I felt hesitant on executing such an activity, the hike seemed hard at the first place and i was not physically ready to preform it. Nevertheless I chose to challenge myself once again, after 20 minutes into the hike it was raining like crazy,  in my head i felt like i was shooting an action/drama movie in an exotic country surrounded by nature’s wildlife and it’s unpredictable outcomes. Once i reached the top my mission was complete, and from that day onwards my inner-confidence was never the same and i was not only a survivor but a doer!


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