DS106 – Writing assignments (Who inspires you?)

Actually I can’t think of any inspirational character that I’d like to live up to at the moment except my parents, but I wanted to mix up the assignment a little. I’m not going to write about a character, instead I’m writing about a trait which is commonly found in the Egyptian population and society. ‘El Gad3ana’, I couldn’t find an appropriate English definition for the term, however ‘Gad3ana’ is a term which describes good will, deeds, and intentions and acts of unconditional support and engagement. This particular trait I believe is influenced by middle-eastern culture and their ‘Ebn el balad’ construct, where individuals take pride in acquiring such a title. Most individuals around the world, especially in the western sphere follow a more individualistic approach where they are not exposed or taught to such a trait. For example, if a women is walking down an alley/street at night, she’ll always be accompanied by a man from the neighbourhood. If there’s a funeral in one household in the neighbourhood, everyone will stand in solidarity with the deceased family. Between the youth, if a friend doesn’t have the monetary means to hang out, the rest of the group will cover him and insist he goes out. This ‘Gad3ana’ trait, creates a bonding relationship between all diverse sectors of society and makes them move forward as a single unit.


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